Case Study

With a hot real estate like Toronto, people often think houses essentially sell themselves. But there is a very significant difference between a "post and pray" agent, and someone who approaches the sale of your house like the precision operation it is. A good agent will get you top dollar over asking based on some very specific talents. 

Here we've broken down the key factors in getting top dollar in this very hot market. The smallest differences can make all the difference. 

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What makes a house sell for more?

1 Abermarle Avenue

This house in Riverdale was one of the most unique in the area. It easily could have sold itself without much effort, given its location, its grandeur, and double size lot.  But it's not what we do. That would be the easy way to predictable sale numbers. Getting a higher sales price requires innovation

So, we took a leap of faith, and spent a whole bunch of money creating a unique one-of-a-kind solution: We hired a professional film company, got ourselves a drone, cast a few devilishly cute kids we know, and shot a video that landed us on CTV's CanadaAM in prime time. Now it seems almost routine, but in October 2015, it was entirely novel. 

This was the outcome: 

Reaction was swift :

Toronto Realty Blog wrote a piece about us, and asked: "Is this the future of real estate marketing?" They went on to say: "'This video almost forces us to ask, “If this is marketing, then what the heck were we doing before?'”


Jeff Hutchinson and Marci Ian showed the video live on their national morning broadcast of CanadaAM, and the video garnered 75,000 views on Youtube. It was a huge payoff in marketing goodwill.

More importantly for the seller, we took a house that was priced too high and poorly marketed and priced it right in the sweet spot and swung for the fences on marketing. 

It's worth noting that many agents we consulted about this form of marketing scoffed at the expense: "Why would you spend so much (non-staging) money on such a risky endeavour?" Because that's what we do. We push the boundaries of real estate marketing to get you the most amount of money. 

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